Come sbloccare la Vodafone Station Version B066

Unlocking OEM firmware

Some OEM firmware versions require additional steps to enable firmware upgrading via web interface.

You can find the firmware revision in the web interface of the router. E.g. mine is EchoLife_HG553V100R001C06B066SP01.

Version B066

  1. Download exploit-vsb066.tar.gz or hg553-b066-exploit-master and extract it to the root of a FAT32 formatted USB stick.
  2. Connect the stick to the USB port behind the device (the one near the ethernet ports).
  3. Connect to the device with a ethernet cable and set a static ip address on your wired interface.
  4. Browse to and upload the file b66_cfg, apply and wait until the device reboots.
  5. Mount the Samba share // (Username: vdf, Password: vdf). E.g. on Linux:

    # mkdir /mnt/samba
    # mount // /mnt/samba -o username=vdf,password=vdf,sec=ntlm
  6. If the previous step has been succesful, you will see a file named it_worked in the mounted directory.
  7. Telnet into the device on port 7777 and execute the following:

    > sh
    # /var/mnt/USBDisk_1/upfw4 cfe.bin
  8. Reboot. The firmware upgrading functionality is now accessible by following OEM easy installation.


Please Follow up Support for Huawei HG553

You can find source code in this page of the huawei forum:

Performances with Samba36 , PureFTPd,Vsftpd and USB2.0 2.5″ disks:

PC(Core2duo, SSD Disk) ←ethernet100→ hw553[Vodafone S.-Italy](Barrier Breaker r39402) ↔ usb2.0 hub(two types tested(DUB-H7; CY7C65640)↔ external 2.5″ HD box (“Myson Century USB2.0 to ATAPI Bridge Controller”, 2.5hd(Hitachi,4200rpm,ext4)).

Test 1 : HW553 reading a 4.3Gb mkv file, Windows8-32 writing the file


  • Samba36server(default config): 2.8MB/sec, CPU idle 0%.

(Various tricks tested in smb.conf.template (sendfile, SO_RCVBUF, SO_SNDBUF, aio sizes): always same result.)

The only improvement (3MB/sec) is obtained disabling SMB2 : put a # before the “max protocol = smb2” line.

  • Pure-ftpd (Filezilla Win32 Client) : 2.8MB/sec, CPU idle 0%.
  • vsftpd 3.0.2 (default config, Filezilla Win32 Client) : 3 MB sec, CPU idle 0%.

(Same configs with a “Lacie Little Disk”(USB2.0 to Sata,Hitachi HD(Sata3, 500gb,5400rpm,NTFS)): Same result.)

Test 2 : HW553 reading a 4.3Gb mkv file, Linux Peppermint-32bit in VirtualBox writing the file:


  • pure-ftpd (and Filezilla Linux Client) : 3,3MB/s

Test 3 HW553 (firmware Dlink-Roleo: uses AIO) reading a 4.3Gb mkv file, Windows8-32 writing the file

Results :

  • samba 2.0.10 : 4MB/Sec
  • samba 2.0.10 without DSL processes : 4,5MB/Sec

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